Producer of Pewter Articles - Producteur des Articles en Etain -Produttore di Articoli in Peltro - Das Herstellen von Gegenständen in Hart zinn, Pewter is made from the finest lead-free alloy of tin copper and antimonyProducer of Scenery terrain kits for War-games compatible Warhammer Fantasy,Lord of the Rings, Figurine Pewter,Resin,Miniature Pewter Tree, Well, Mill, House, Castle, Military,and model railroad,Hobbies,Railroad,Structures & Figures,Machine Fruits Cleaners Blueberries, Strawberries, Currant ,fruits of wood,Steel inox bench,es of job,Set for cleaning arms ,hunting rifles, guns in ebony wood ,steel ,alpacca Pewter Bottles Oil -Bronze-Brass-Pewter Sculptures Celtic and Gothic Jewels-Creations for account third-Production of dice for gravitational casting and centrifuge -lost wax-Trophies for sporting demonstrations to sketch of the customer


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Welcome to  CreartPewter's Homepage, which shows you most of our product line. From traditional Tankards to Fashion Jewellery, our varied collection offers the widest possible choice in Pewter Giftware.Using the latest design and manufacturing techniques our team of professional craftsmen continue to develop new designs and product variations, the flexibility of which enables us to produce items in pewter to your own specifications.Our commitment to quality both in our products and service continues to be our principle aim.
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